How are you?

These are unsettling times. But while the world right now may seem to be one of fear and isolation, there are rays of light to be found. We want you to know that, wherever you are, you are definitely not alone.

I wanted to start a thread to share different resources, livestreams, and events that are going on that may be of help. However, before I do, I want to recognize the pressure to be “productive” or creative may seem impossible for some right now, and that’s ok. I loved this note from Andréa Ranae, a leadership coach and facilitator: “Whatever you have to contribute right now matters. It doesn’t have to fix the world. It doesn’t even need to make it better. Tending is enough and important. Expressing is enough and important. Sharing is enough and important. Holding space is enough and important. Being with others is enough and important. Giving is enough and important. Resting is enough and important. Feeling your feels is enough and important. Creating is enough and important. Connecting is enough and important. Self-care is enough and important. Sometimes, even your presence is enough and important.”

If you feel like it, please reply with what’s bringing you joy, distraction, or brief moments of sanity. These might be dark times. But if we pull together, no matter how far apart we may be, we can help to overcome them.


Here are some things that are bringing me a mixture of joy and distraction :slight_smile:

General uplifting things:

Livestreams to be part of

Creative boosters


  • Endless hours playing Stardew Valley on Switch! Should I buy Animal Crossing too? :thinking:

New Patreon Resources
In an effort to support the creative community during these times of uncertainty, the Patreon team is offering open workshops to creators who are currently on Patreon or thinking about launching.


Thanks for the reminder Mindy! I’m in the Mental Health Brigade, so have been feeling quite swamped lately. I found some time on Sunday to work in the yard, and a cleaned up view is definitely giving me joy. I’ve also been enjoying all the online dancing going on in my community right now. Hope you’re able to take care of yourself too! <3


I’ve been knitting. Lots and lots of knitting (which has the benefit of both being relaxing but also being productive, since I’m knitting magazine samples!)

I’ve also been taking joy in the teaching side of things. So many folks now are getting into the fiber arts at home (or their kids are getting into the fiber arts as part of homeschooling), and I -adore- teaching. Especially the younger folks, their enthusiasm is awesome! And seeing that is really helping me feel like I can still do something awesome out there.

P.S. and I do have free beginner knit/crochet patterns, for anyone who want to learn! :heart: :yarn:


Thanks for listing these! I’ve been trying to collect various resources for entertainment too, here are a couple more:


  • Audible has listed many books for free, no account/credit card needed, for all ages here.
  • I made my own novel free.

Coloring Pages:
Many artists are giving away free coloring sheets or books for free, here’s just a few: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

For games, Pokemon Go has been doing a LOT to make it so you can play inside. If you haven’t picked it up in a while or have been looking to start, I say go for it. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is staying safe! <3