How can I export the unique "Patron ID" for all of my patrons?

I recently started using the Zapier integration to update a google spreadsheet with new patrons, updated pledges, and deleted patrons. It’s awesome to finally be able to automate this process!
BUT, the zapier integration has access to each user’s unique Patron ID but I can’t find any way to export that so I can add it to all the Patrons I already have. It’s not a field on any of the “export as CSV” options I can find.

I would really like to use these Patron IDs to make sure any updates are done to the correct field since people sometimes change their names or update their email addresses.

Even looking up each Patron individually and doing it manually won’t work because only some patron’s pages display their ID (the ones that haven’t created a custom URL for their page).

Is there any way I can export a list of my patrons with their unique patron IDs? Thanks so much!

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Super cool to hear you’re using the Zapier integration with Google Sheets! And sorry to hear the frustration around UIDs coming in one place but not another. I understand the problem - that totally would make what you’re doing easier than matching around emails, the next best option.

There is nothing in the product to my knowledge that allows you to export IDs in a CSV. I know @erin would be super interested as well as she thinks a lot of about solving that class of problems inside the product - I will ping her to get her eyes on this post as well.

There’s an embarrassingly hacky way to know someone’s ID while visiting their profile, and I’m sorry this is the best I have, but I’m sharing it in case it’s of any value…

On the profile page of the user, load “developer tools” (Chrome screenshot):

And on the Console tab type and hit enter:

Phew. That… is not pretty.


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Thanks, tal. That’s at least better than nothing at all, which is what I had before but it’s gonna involve a lot of manual labor to get all that data in my spreadsheet (or some very clever coding on my part, which is… doubtful).

I’d love to hear if Erin has any other ideas or is working on something else like this.

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@multiamory I wanted to follow up with good news and let you know this feature is now live as of today - you can go to your Patron Relationship Manager and export a CSV with user ids as a column!

Courtesy of @erin and the creator experience team :slight_smile: