How come the system show a wrong patrons total?

HELLO, I am really confused by the system since the number of patrons showed in the main page dropped suddenly. I have put much effort to raise the patrons this month and i already received serval new patrons email from Patreon and only one patron quit at the end of Feb. However, the numbers of patrons in the main page still keeping in 199…no raise. I didnt know why.

Yesterday, one more people is welcomed and the number is still be 199. Today morning, when i refeshed the system, the number of patreon drop to 195. Impossible.

Then , I checked the “Pledge growth” page and i found that i have totally 202 patrons right now. 195 and 202 ?? I dont know if it is a temporarily problem or there is any issue i dont know. Please help

I have this problem too - My number of patrons fell by about 50! but my total amount pledged raised by $100 or so? I simply don’t understand, or trust, the figures. There didn’t seem to be a lot of people leaving, just the normal 6 or 7 at the end of the month, but suddenly, my stats show a drop of around 50 people?
I need to be able to rely on the numbers folks!

Same happened to me, I’m genuinely confused

Hi everyone - the first few days of the month, the numbers displayed on your Patreon will fluctuate. Depending on what type of creator you are (Charge up front or per-thing) your numbers will alter different. The help article linked below goes into the greatest detail about how your numbers are affected under the Why did my numbers suddenly change? section.

Hope this helps! If you feel your numbers are still incorrect, please start a ticket with the support team.


This is possibly the worst change you have made and I am still struggling to see why we don’t have a tick box to display a live count.

The problem you have created is this, and it’s really simple.

Our count does not show the patreons that have unsubscribed - but no one knows that.

When it appears we have hit our goals and patrons get all excited - we haven’t actually hit the goal! it just looks like that.

Then the next month you have this stupid large drop of a combination of declines and unsubscribes… and this actually has given the impression to some of my patrons that we’re switching off when it’s completely the opposite.

Everything was going well, things were fine and then you go and change this, it’s been an absolute nightmare of extra messages and emails - in itself this one thing you did has increased my admin work 10 fold and I have less time for my patrons.

Please for the love of god, give me an option to show a live count on my landing page.

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