How do I find the patrons who are declined?

I can see by the number on my front page that three patrons were declined yesterday, but for the life of me, I can’t make sense of the gibberish in the Relationship Manager, and find the three most recently declined patrons. A lot of them are lacking any cancel date or access expiration date, which is not helpful right now.

So, what’s the secret to unscrambling this list, and making it produce the information I really need?

I set the date to the month (August, as opposed to “as of today”. Then filter by declined, or cancelled, etc., I don’t know what the “as of today” is even there for as it makes the information less “informative”.

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Thanks, Casey. I don’t know why finding such a simple piece of information has to be so complicated!

What I’m finding really difficult to manage is that as of a few months ago they changed the Patron Manager so that now the declined patrons are mixed with cancelled patrons. We try to write to the declined patrons periodically, to make sure they realize that they are declined, but it wouldn’t make sense to write to the ones who have cancelled. Now they are all mixed in, which makes zero sense to us.

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I wish there was a way to sort by date they got declined last, so that I can see new declines. I can sort to see declined patrons, but theyre all mixed up and I have to each time remember myself which ones I’ve already contacted.
Also wondering if Patreon does not send an email to declined patrons about the matter? From my declined patrons reactions, they seem to have not received any notification about this from Patreon.

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Yes, this is an issue for us, too. Patreon supposedly contacts the declined patrons, but we try to contact them ourselves as they often seem unaware that they are declined. And the way the relationship manager is now, it’s become a complete mess to try to figure out who to contact each month.