How do I gain patrons?

So, I just recently started my Patreon account last year and yet, I still don’t have any patrons. I tried talking a bit about my Patreon account on my YouTube channel and my Twitter account, but I still don’t have any patrons.

So, what must I do to gain new patrons to my account? Do I have to promote on more social platforms? Do I have to get a catchy phrase for my account? What must I do?

Patreon is about bringing your current fans over to a paying fan. So yes, growing your current social media fan base is how to get new patrons. Statistics show that anywhere between 0.2% and 0.6% of your following are willing to move over to a paid subscription service.

Just from checking out your videos, at least lately you’re getting 20-30 views per video. Your goal should be to improve viewership before improving Patreon.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll try to work on getting new subscribers for my YouTube channel!

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