How do I get to my message history with a specific patron?

When I visit a Patron’s profile page, I can see their current pledge, their lifetime support, and there’s a little box I can use to write a message to them.

How do I see what messages we’ve exchanged in the past? Right now, I think what I have to do is go to and scroll a lot, hoping I notice their name as it goes by. I’ve had about 600 patrons over the course of my campaign, so that’s a lot of scrolling.

I would love love love the option to have in-Patreon messages mirrored to a real email account. Online email systems (e.g. gmail) are so amazingly searchable, it’s painful to have to use this little orange thing.


There isn’t a direct way outside of messages that i’m aware of. Their message system is kind of the pits :confused:

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Ok, this is one system that I know there are a lot of complaints about! I don’t have any updates on this just yet, but know that this is definitely something the product team is well aware of. It’s painful.


Thank you so much for the response, Carla! Heh, yeah, it is quite painful. XD