How do I give away free memberships as a giveaway, or just to friends?

I’ve been trying to figure out where to do this, or if it’s supported. If i want to do this, do I basically have to pay for their memberships myself?


There is no way to give people free access, beyond telling them to become followers rather than patrons, which gives them access to all your public posts.

Hadn’t thought of this. It would be an interesting option…

I agree with Chris here, I have people that would love to take my tutorials but they do not have the income pay for them, and I would like to give them the access to the service free of charge to a set pledge for a month.

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This could be a great thing for like free trials or rewards for contests.

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I’ve been wanting this feature for a long time. It would be great to allow the other members on my dev-team free memberships. Not only that, but it would increase the number of Patrons so I can feel cool.

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Agreed. I’d love to see this added.

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Yes i would VERY much like this idea.
Giving out free access for a week would give potential patrons the chance to taste what we do before commiting funds.


Just want to add to the scale here! This feature - a free access to or a giveaway with a code (“at the checkout, please write “OFFER” and you’ll get free access for x weeks”) - is definitely missing. Please, Patreon team, add this feature!

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Having the option to do it as a code would be awesome. Also to be able to put an expiry date or a max use of a certain code as well would be necessary.

I’d also like to be able to give it to people who are already pledging.

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YES! There are other people doing kickstarters that are relevant to my Patreon. I would very much like if one of the kickstarter rewards could be a free month or two of my Patreon! Not to mention there is a bit of a team behind my project, and I would like to be able to give my collaborators access to the Patron-only posts without them needing to actually pay monthly.

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I’d like to offer this free membership to my staff so they may write posts and other information to my platform. I am referring to Patreon as a platform.

Agree. I have to have custom code on my backend server to give myself and other devs features. It would be great to be able to do this with Patreon

100% agree. I fell like the ability to forward access to a post or two to people who’ve expressed interest in my work but haven’t yet bitten the bullet and signed up. Allowing this ability to creators would be a great feature to give creators more tools to promote their own Patreon using the actual content contained on it. Hey Patreon - any way that this feature is in the works?