How do I update a ticket?

I made a ticket through zendesk note. I got a email saying they’d be in touch and also I should add updates to the same email. Do they mean I can add to my ticket? How? I have further info to give but am not sure how to locate my open ticket to add to it, or if they mean to email them as a reply to the form letter they sent me. Any advice appreciated.

Hi there! thanks for making this, I can see how that language might be confusing. The ticket is the email thread between you and our support team. If you reply to it via email, that will update the ticket on our end. It’s the language that Zendesk uses, but I will pass this feedback on to the support team.

Okay, but I still don’t know if the email i got informing me that they received my ticket is part of the email chain (because it just looks automated). Or do I wait for an actual personal response before updating my ticket?

Yep - that auto reply is part of the email chain. When a human reviews your ticket, they will see everything in that chain. The more info you give the more likely the human will be able to help you quicker as they won’t need to reply asking you for further details.

Okay, thank you for clearing that up.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: Happy to help.