How do you get new patrons as a musician?

Hey there!

My Patreon Page is relatively new, and I’m curious as to everyone’s approach to obtaining new patrons? The only ones I have are my close friends and family. I would love to start expanding this, so that I can share what I do with the world.



I would start by building a youtube fan base then collaborating with other patreon/youtube creators to spread your awareness.


Livestreaming has been a big help for me, as it creates a very personal connection with my patrons. I use periscope mainly, though I’d say twitch, younow or YouTube could all work too


Hi Nate! Cheers :slight_smile: Just curious what methods you’ve found most effective to invite patrons into your patron-only facebook group? I thought I could post a button into a patrons-only post, but I guess not…do you have to do it all manually? Would you advocate a patrons-only group livestream, or do you get better results streaming publicly and growing your patronage that way? Thanks sincerely and happy new year down there, hope the summer is gorgeous and your move to the city is all well and good! ~Kari


Your question inspired me to write a whole huge Topic about the experiment I’m in the process of with Crowdcast, hah! Thanks! You can read that here.

To answer you specifically:
I’ve actually tried to move away from facebook groups for several reasons. BUT, when I was focusing on bringing patrons into the group, I set it to be a private group but not secret (I think that’s the right terminology, it’s been a while), so that I could share the group link on the ‘new patron welcome’ page. They could then request membership and a moderator or I would let them in.

Regarding livestreaming, I think it is useful for both public and private streams. Public streams garner interest and grow your community. Private streams are SO fun cos they’re my patrons so they’re officially the loveliest people in my world! They’re fun, community-building, heart-warming and all the good things. They feel like a reward to myself as well as my patrons :grin:. Can you tell I like them? :wink:

Anyways, hope that helps. Go read the full post, I think you might find some value in there, even if it doesn’t totally apply to where you’re at right now!

All the best to you :yellow_heart:


I’m so thrilled this inspired your post, which then led to me following you on crowd cast, which magically you were live-streaming on when I got there! Wonderful morning.

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