How do you get people interested in your Patreon account?

Hello! I have been on Patreon for over 2 years now and I still haven’t been able to gain any patrons for my account.

I was wondering if there were ways where I could gain more interest for my Patreon account. I’m currently running a special offer on my Patreon account and so far, I’ve been posting up a countdown on both my Twitter and Facebook account. Also, I was thinking about doing a post on my blog or on my Patreon account where I show viewers the videos I made on YouTube. Would that work out?

What’s the best way to gain interest in my Patreon account?

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I think the best place to start is with your fanbase. You can ask them what would they’d be interested in seeing on your Patreon.

You might also need to work on growing your fanbase. In most cases, that means growing your social media followers or YouTube subscribers. What social media platforms do you post on most regularly?

Are you regularly promoting your Patreon to your fanbase?

Those are the best kind of general tips I can think of, but maybe I and other can expand on them if you answer the couple of questions I posed here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t. Instead, I just keep posting images of whatever I’m working on to social media, and sending out monthly emails to subscribers—and occasionally, I mention that a project is being funded by my Patreon patrons, or that more pics and videos of a piece going together are posted on Patreon.


Thanks for the questions!

  1. What social media platforms do you post on most regularly? : I tend to post on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube the most and whenever I have news about my Patreon account, I tend to post on those accounts. I’m even posting a countdown of sorts for my special offer on Patreon through both Twitter and Facebook.

  2. Are you regularly promoting your Patreon to your fanbase? : I honestly don’t have a large fanbase (I only have about 478 subscribers on YouTube and over 1,000 followers on Twitter). But I will say that the numbers for my YouTube subscribers are a lot better now than they were years ago since I started changing the format for my YouTube channel).


It sounds like maybe you need to work on growing your fanbase more. It may also be that your fans aren’t really connecting with the tiers or benefits you are offering.

One thing I’ve found helpful is to look at others in my niche and see what they’re doing/offering on Patreon. Obviously you don’t want to copy them, but you might find some inspiration or tips.

I wish I knew a bit more about your niche, but unfortunately I really don’t.


I’ve looked at the other patrons who also review movies and TV shows and they have similar benefits that I do, like having early access to my videos and making featured requests. However, I noticed that they usually have live chats with their benefits too. I wonder if I use my Discord account, would that help people become more interested in my patreon account?

Hey @Rabbitearsblog! We have a super handy blog post that explains some growth tactics we’ve found affective for other creators. Hope you find this helpful!



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I’m wondering if movie and TV reviews is too crowded of a field to get as much traction in. I have a blog and have made youtube videos on TV and film but I also ask ppl to donate to help me with journalism.