How do you know who to ask?

Primarily what I wanted to discuss was that it seems unfeasable to ask my entire network because I know some of them are poor, one was a friend I recently reconnected with and I don’t want to make it seem like I connected with her just to ask her for funds, and I’ve already asked favors from some friends such as “can you read and give me an opinion on this” so I’m trying to target richer friends and relatives.

For reference, I’m a journalist so my circle of friends and social circle knows I’m a journalist. I’m sure many of them don’t feel it’s their duty to help me with actual money so I don’t want to strain friendships to ask. I’m also doing more artsy stuff like blogging about film and making youtube videos about film now.

Lastly, I also have started a community to help arts writers network.

Also, my patreon is at for reference

I would say if you are worried about straining friendships, then try the indirect approach. Post on places that your friends and fans are on with a general call to action. Say what you do, why patreon, why even $X is helpful, add some images if you have some, etc. That way you aren’t directly pressuring someone but you are making it known that you need help to make it happen. (Making it known that small pledges are helpful to you can alleviate some of the fear others may have of making small pledges and feeling insignificant.)

And if you want (and i recommend it) you can take it a bit more directly by sharing that right to your friends/family/colleagues and asking them to take a look and share it. It’s not directly asking for money, but it makes it known that you do need funding with less of a chance of making them feel bad if they can’t pledge, by offering the alternative of sharing it. (To be totally honest, my posts often get left in the dust on socials but when I ask friends if they could share the post -and i give them a couple options like twitter, facebook, etc- 99% of the time, they will share it if asked! I find it will often get missed if there isn’t a call to action pushed under someones nose though.)

Hopefully that helps in some way!

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I think that’s a great idea, thanks.

Another thing is that I interview people for stories. If I’m asking them while I’m interviewing or even as a direct result of interviewing, I might be ethically compromising what a journalist is. Fortunately, my editors are ok with it.

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