How do you make new patrons feel welcome?

We recently shared that our data shows that if a patron is going to cancel, they are likely to do so in their first month, especially if they don’t see a new post or get any kind of welcome from the creator. So you might improve patron retention by making sure to post at least 2x/month, and making an extra effort to make new patrons feel welcome.

Let’s share ideas on how to make new patrons feel the love! Here’s a few to start:

  1. Use Bonjoro to send a quick personalized thank you video directly to new patrons
  2. Share with patrons an early look at what will be coming next month if they stick around
  3. Encourage them to be part of your community, so they feel belonging

What do you do to celebrate each patron and make them feel welcome?

Whenever a new Patron joins I make a special post with the patrons name welcoming the new patron to my page in the tier that the Patron has pledged in. I only get a few new patrons a month but this is also a nice way for others in the same tier to benefit as well so it hopefully entices them to maybe promote my page a bit more.


I use Bonjoro to welcome new patrons, and the response has been excellent!

Here’s my guide for how to use Bonjoro:


This was so helpful! Thank you for taking the time to post this


Yes, I’ve also tried Bonjoro and allthough it was a bit tricky to set up, I managed and it’s working well! People like it and it’s easy for me. But very welcoming. :slight_smile:

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