How do you make sure your patrons have a voice?

I make illustrations for the RPG community. Patrons get to submit ideas for what I illustrate. I like to give them a voice and pick from the ideas they submit that inspire me. I try to balance this by giving more weight to ideas by patrons who have not submitted as much or whose ideas I have not used often. Well, now, I’m getting so many ideas that I don’t feel like I can balance it as much. I lose track mentally of who has submitted what and which patrons I have chosen from. What tools/ideas would you suggest I transition to as I move further forward?

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Hi @Jeshields - I know this would be a different approach, but you can consider using the polling option that we have in posts. Instead of getting overwhelmed with suggestions, you can pose the ideas and then have your patrons vote on which ones you would carry out.

I’ll also be sure to follow up if I come across any other tools or methods that might be helpful!

I’m currently doing a “choose the path” sort of polling with a story I’m working on with mine, and we’re almost DONE (writing the ending this weekend). I gave them a poll and pick from 3 different paths, with a deadline cut off date.

For art, if it’s something open ended, I go with a vote on color themes (sunny colors, or night colors, etc). You can put up thumbs of 4 different ideas and let them pick which one first?

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