How do you promote your Patreon offline?

I’m still struggling with this and I’ve been on Patreon for about 5 years… I have it on my business cards, on compliment slips in my online stationery shop and I’m starting to get better at bringing it up in conversation. It takes practice, though.

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Hey folks, so glad you’re bummed this thread back up! We created a #marketing-and-social channel on the Patreon Community Discord Server where creators are sharing marketing struggles and sharing their tips & tricks. :slight_smile:


I’m at a kind of plateau myself and have been on Patreon around the same amount of time. I need to get back into brainstorming some more ideas now that I’m settling into a new town that is a small tourist destination. Maybe put some business cards or postcards at the train station? Maybe I’ll talk with the local merchant association about putting together a little swag bag for people on the train, something with coupons to various shops, travel stickers, postcards? Thanks for bumpin’ this thread back up. It gets me to thinkin’ about new possibilities in my new place.

I recently did World Art Drop Day, but instead of putting 2-3 original artworks out there, I made up 20 little packets of mass produced goodies like buttons, postcards, badges, and a coloring sheet to leave around Main Street of my new home. ZERO results other than I have a fun time doing it and taking pictures of where I left things gave my current patrons and followers a glimpse at my new place.

They are building a new art center 2 blocks from my store/where I live. HAPPY DAY! I will have an opportunity to network with some local artists once that happens and maybe I’ll make an exclusive design to donate to their shop/gallery to sell benefiting the center.

AND, last November there was an Arts Walk in our sister city that was amazing. They gave away artworks and goodie bags and I could possibly put some things in for that as well as leave things to be found along the walk.

There are a lot of opportunities to leave a card, flier, or something to promote yourself at venues for events pertaining to what you do/create. I figure if it interests me, it probably will interest my ideal client/patron.

Swag bags and leaving things around is so much fun, I did that with some samplers from my book - I left them in coffee shops. It didn’t convert to readers, but it was nice to do.

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As a writer you have a great opportunity for book tours, signings, readings, even if you just do them at local bookstores and maybe libraries. You could definitely have some bookmark type business cards to pass out at those events or even ask the bookstore if they would put them in the bags. A lot of bookstores love to promote local writers.

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There aren’t many bookshops in my town, and there aren’t any events on at the moment, but it’s nice to think ahead to when there will be…