How does one add more than one image in the reward boxes?

Hey there!

I’ve looked for about an hour (both on this forum and online) and I cannot find a step-by-step way to add more than one image to the reward boxes. Can anyone please help?

The Patreon toolbox reccomends it, shows an example page but does not specify HOW to do it.

I tried the classic img src= way but it does not work, it shows up the image as broken. I tested the image on my own site and on Patreon posts and it works there. It just won’t work in the rewards boxes, under the text I just wrote.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

I can’t give an official answer, but I’m pretty sure the new reward editor doesn’t have a HTML functionality anymore. So you can’t add additional images or HTML/CSS styling.

Thank you for your reply. So sad to hear that, especially since I see other people’s pages, how stunning they look with extra images in the Rewards Box. Oh well… thank you!