How does the merch system work?

Hey everyone,
I have read most of the Patreon documentation about merch and some posts on this community, but I am still a bit confused at how the system work (note that I have not activated merch for my page, I want to understand if it could work for me before doing it).

When merch is activated I would expect to have a shop where some of my patrons (those tiers I have allowed access to my merch) can buy anything from my merch items… but from what I read it doesn’t work this way.

It seems you can only select one or more merch items to give to your patrons after 3 months of their membership? This doesn’t really make sense to me, so I must be missing something.

A little help to understand here?

Thank you

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That’s exactly how it works. Merch is just another reward for your Patrons, not a storefront. So, you select the item that your Patrons can get after 3 months of patronage and then Patreon produces and ships it for you.

Oh, I see… it feels so limiting to me.
But do you know if there is the possibility to manually send merch to patrons after they get their first item? Or any other possibility apart from sending them an item after those 3 months?


Hey @nican, thanks for reaching out to ask about merch! Like @Subguide said, the Merch for Membership program is not a storefront but a fun, extra benefit for your patrons.

Our Merch for Memership program is set so patrons recieve your merch after 3 months of patronage. And the Merch Loyalty program, will provide your patrons new merch every 3 months - for a total of 4 items a year.

Creators are absolutely free to send merch to their patrons on their own, in their own timelines. Though the benefit of using Merch for Membership or Merch Loyalty through Patreon is so creators don’t have to keep track of loyal patrons, milestones, and go through the motion of creating, collecting, and shipping the items out. Patreon will take care of it all for you.

Hope this helps provide some clarity!

If you haven’t already seen, we have a Patreon Community Discord Server where creators can connect with each other. We have a channel specifically for merch, where creators can share their experiences with you. :slight_smile:

Thanks @reina,
the only limitation I see is that I am the one choosing what merch to send out, while I would prefer the patron to be able to have a choice.
I guess this is because I have hundreds of merch items and different designs on my regular merch store.
Maybe Patreon should think about implementing a way for patrons to be able to choose between different items.