How frequently do you post?

I think for most of us, the patron-only posts are the main and perhaps the most interesting reward. How often do you post and what is your patrons’ response to that frequency? I was wary about posting too frequently when I started, feeling I didn’t want to spam my patrons, but watching @shaylamaddox post her Studio Dailies made me question that thinking. I happen to be producing tons of work right now so I’m posting every other day or so, though I could easily have a post a day to keep up with my material. I haven’t had any complaints XD though I’ve not gotten other feedback either. I suspect it doesn’t hurt for my patrons to feel I am serious and passionate about this, and their money is well invested. What about you?


I wonder about posting frequency a lot. I’m pretty new to the platform though and would love to hear thoughts on this from more seasoned creators.

I aim to post once a week. I know all of my current patrons personally, and know that they lead very busy lives. So I feel like I don’t want to fill their inboxes too regularly with updates. I plan to start giving more attention to these weekly updates, so I share a little bit more in each of them - e.g. what I’m working on, as well as plans/ideas/something inspirational and links to more info if they want to know more. And occasionally an exclusive special offer. :slight_smile: I think what I’m trying to say is that I opt for quality rather than quantity.


I also wonder about posting frequency a whole bunch. This year I’m sharing daily photos because I’m currently in the middle of a photography focused Year of Creative Habits project. So I take photos everyday, and pick my favorite to share. Then write about it too. Do it for 365 days and after that see how I can fit that into new projects. Before this I focused on digital artwork and I wanted to expand on that by adding some photography skills.

Anyways, the vast majority of my posts lately have been free for everyone. If I want to toss around new ideas or early drafts, then I’ll go patron only. It’s been difficult lately trying to figure out what I should keep as patron only (not to mention the two tiers I have) and what I should keep free, as I usually have just 6-8 patrons. Or at least it’s been that way for awhile now. Most of those patrons support me and only jump in to comment or heart a post maybe once every 5-10 posts? Something along those lines. Though sometimes it gets really busy, and suddenly everyone is really active for a week or two at a time!

I’m loving the consistency of doing a single post every day, and over time (in this case, it’ll be a full year) you just build a really strong habit of creating, writing, and sharing as often as possible. However, you can also take into account that my handful of patrons don’t respond or perhaps even notice every single post I make. So it really could depend on how active your patrons are, and if you have a large following :slight_smile:

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I have been posting daily until recently. I got so busy that I didn’t post for a few days. I don’t get hardly any response or messages from my patrons.

For me, it was pretty obvious that the more I posted, the better I did. Every post was a good excuse to talk about that post on social media. And every time I posted an exclusive post for every day in the month, I had something to promote at the end of the month. I’ve been posting, on average, one exclusive a day for over a year now, and I’m really happy with the response from patrons.

If you consider it “spamming your readers,” then you need to re-define spam. Spam is something you get that you don’t want. Your patrons want what you do so badly they’re willing to pay for it! It’s impossible to spam someone under those circumstances.

I will mention this — the approach I’m talking about works best with a per-month Patreon campaign. with a per-update Patreon, you see the law of diminished returns take over as larger numbers of patrons’ pledge-caps take them out of paying for subsequent posts.


I post exclusive vlogs accessible only by patrons. They seem to work quite well! I even built an entire website around my Patreon campaign, which helps get the word out to non-patrons.

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I agree with all of this. I had some concerns about spamming, but I talk regularly with some of my patron friends and they said they were absolutely fine with a post per day. It shows them that their patronage is allowing me to do my art and that’s why they’re patrons.

All of my posts on my primary patreon are free. I try to post at least twice a week, but I do have times when I am able to do almost daily posts. I don’t think I would do more than once a day though because otherwise they would probably not get as much attention. I just make a scheduled post and sometimes have a good number of things buffered in case I get busy otherwise or hit a slump.


I try to post something every day, but what I post varies. Could be a photo of whatever I finished today, or a shot of my work table or easel, showing what’s in progress. Sometimes, I do Ask Me Anything. Sometimes, video lessons or speed throughs of paintings.

And lately, pretty much everything is Public. I’m no longer using Patreon as a pay wall, unless I’m posting rewards for specific levels.

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I feel like if people are giving me money via patreon, they are either interested in getting more content than I put out before, or just want to support my work and probably turned off notifications for posts a while ago and so they won’t be annoyed if I post a bunch. That means I usually try to make at least 2 patron posts (all levels) per week, with the occasional public post every 2-3 weeks just so there’s something to be seen on my campaign page to possibly entice new patrons. The patron posts are usually a little more unedited than a normal blog post, but give more insight/granularity into what I’m working on at the time.

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I don’t either, although it’s been slightly better recently, but I’m sure it’s not personal!

About twice a week, occasionally three times.

Wow, this is so cool, @daviddifranco! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, that’s amazing.

This was a really interesting discussion, I’ll definitely be following it. Since we launched we’ve posted 1-3 times a week with updates, polls, and other info. Haven’t received any negative feedback on quantity or quality, but we have a very small group of patrons.

I post about every one or two days. Sometimes I’ll go like two days without posting but end up posting like 3 different times within that day. I update my patrons a lot cause they deserve to know what’s all going on, but I normally post every day or every day with SOMETHING, even if it’s just an updating text post.

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I think we’re in the same boat. Each patron only post I make is actually pushing me to improve other skills, and Patrons are getting 1 quality post a week :slight_smile: Win for all.

I honestly try to post at least something every day public and every week privately to the patrons that pay for it. Not sure if that’s right or wrong but I’m doing my best. :joy:

I post once a week and always make my posts include things that only patrons get. Not a lot, but maybe a sketch that a work was based on, or a behind the scenes photo.

Being a supporter of other artists, I found it annoying that they simply would post what they gave to everyone else on their Patreon feed. It seems to me that if someone is willing to send me money I should give them a little something more than those that don’t bother.

I’m not sure how much those weekly posts mean to my patrons, as I don’t get a lot of feedback. But I’ll keep treating them the way I want to be treated.:slight_smile:

Same. Last month I posted almost every day, an I had more engagement than any other month. If I don’t post every day I post a couple times every 3 days or so. Patrons really appreciate the constant updating, and I appreciate not posting cosplay progress, plans, and thoughts on other social media :slight_smile:

I was wondering though, do you post for different tiers? Right now all my patron-only posts are just $1 and up patron-only, so ALL my patrons can see them. But I know other cosplayers sometimes post for $1-$5 tier, some post sonly for $5 and up tier, etc. Thoughts?