How hard is to be a full-time content creator (of any kind)?

This year I’m going to write posts on my blog, make videos on YouTube and produce a podcast about geek and internet culture in Latin America. However, I’m wondering about what were your process or transition in order to dedicate this, regardless if you had a job or freelancer, or unemployed.

I watched all the videos and read posts on Reddit about the subject, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it to do so.


I’d recommend having a weekend job or part time job while you build your following. It ensures you have money to fall back on when things are quiet, and it keeps you sane.


For me it involves longer hours than my previous full time jobs, but it is a lot more rewarding in most cases. I couldn’t imagine trying to do this full time AND hold down a job at my age. Sure, it was a possibility in my 20’s and 30’s, but I don’t have that kind of energy rolling in on 50.

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This is good advice; and also keep your expenses as low as you can!


It’s not hard, it’s just work. A good piece of advice I give to people is “you can be tired and work all the time for someone else, or you can be tired and work all the time for yourself.”

Plan ahead and work backwards. You will be creating twice as much. You create your core content, what the blogs, videos and podcasts are about, and then marketing and networking content, content about the content.

Keep looking for new ways to streamline your processes and live as cheaply as you can for as long as you can. Any creative field is a long game and filled with peaks and valleys.

Stay out of the employee mindset, aka, don’t be wasteful with money and ALWAYS invest back in to what you are doing. Someone making $10M has to be just as smart with their finances as someone making $30K.

And even though it’s cheesy, hustle! No days off until you reach your goals and even then, no days off lol.

Be kind, be smart, watch your money, and enjoy the process.

You can do it and you should start sooner or later. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step!


I started full time last year in May, so almost exactly a year ago. I had a little financial cussion and the strong will to make it happen. I put in around 60 hours per week on average and managed to make my channel support my family after roughly 4 months. It still is a lot of work, but I am employing an editor and an animator now, so workload is decreasing slowly. It was the best decision of my life to do this and take the risk. In my opinion it’s very important to put a lot of time and thinking into it. I spent around 3 months forming a strategy before doing my first video.

Where is a niche, that you can fit your content in, that’s big enough to support the channel and empty enough for you to actually make an impact. That was the most important question for me. I found it in the Space news genre. I was a hobby astronomer and always interested in Space and the productions done in that particular niche were mostly poor at the time. Lots of content, but not much professional.

You also have to go with several income streams from the beginning on. Don’t let anyone tell you, that you’re still too small to do this or that.

My main income streams are:

YouTube Adsense

In this order.

Research well. Become the “go to” source of what you’re talking about Present it well. As best as you possibly can in your own style. Do not copy stars. They’re already doing a better job at it. Make something different. Do things, others are not doing yet. I for example have an animated mascot.

Branding is important too. Make it consistent over all your platforms. Twitter, YouTube, Patreon. It has to look the same. Spend time networking a lot!!! A team is always stronger than a single person. Open a Discord to gather a community. It’s also a really nice perc for Patrons. Mine is exclusive to Patrons and YouTube members. It will be a bit lonely in the beginning, but that changes, if you do things the right way.

I hope, this helps! :slight_smile:

My income is above 6 figures by now. Just to give you an estimate on what can be done. A lot of it is reinvested though. Constantly.

Link to my channel:

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