How many patrons do I have?

How many patrons do I have and how much are they paying? There are 5 different answers.


Hey @Satin, thank you so much for making this post and highlighting this issue. I think your image neatly shows how confusing this experience is at the moment for creators as there are just so many numbers we offer in your account, from the Patron Manager to the public-facing number on your profile page.

We’ve definitely got some room for improvement here, in the meantime, the advice I can give you is that the numbers on the Patron Manager may not account for declines, fraud charges, fraud patrons, declines that have been successful, or patrons who pause their pledge. To find out how many patrons they you, the Patron Relationship Manager is the best place to go. The dashboard is the best place to find a breakdown of your earnings.

Understandably, I see how it can be frustrating to know which calculation is accurate for any of these numbers. I’ve shared your feedback with the product team and they recognize it’s a problem when we can’t achieve consistency around counting patrons. We’re hoping to have a solution for this in the future.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with :slight_smile:

Wait, I thought patrons couldn’t pause their pledges any more?

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Ah yes! You are right. Paused pledges are no longer possible. I’ve asked the team to update their language. Thank you for catching that.