How much time do you give your early access posts?

Hi, all! I’m curious about something. I use the early access feature a lot for my posts to give patrons the first look at new completed pieces. With my illustrations/sketches I’ve generally been just doing 3 days early access before they go public, but 1 week for my new jewellery to give patrons first dibs options on new pieces before I go and list them on my website. How much time do you usually give for your early access posts?

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My content has 5 day early access for my patrons. This is adequate for what I do and expectations from my audience. Sometimes I’ll give more or less time if there is something specific with a reason to do so but 5 is my happy spot. Long enough for it to feel valuable but not so long it drives me crazy I cant post something lol.

I have seen some artists who basically show everything to patrons and dont post things to the public for a whole year! But I dont think that works for many. I know I couldn’t do it. Haha

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Thanks for the input! I’ve seen that too. Doesn’t really make sense to me why someone would do that. Seems like you are really limiting your patrons to only those that are already familiar with your work from outside of Patreon.

So, you don’t think 1 week is too long a wait time for an early access post?

Not at all! 1 week is pretty common. :slight_smile:

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I do 10 days, I thought that’s enough to drum up some ~ mystery ~ around the content haha.

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Chiming in here as I have experimented widely with this.

A week is pretty much standard I think. I’ve done as little as a few hours early access when I couldn’t get the content together sooner for Patrons. If that is the case, I explain why they don’t have the early access that was advertised and apologize. I think most supporters understand, but some definitely don’t like not having early access. Especially true if it’s the exact same content that is made public, with no extra bonues for supporters.

The best returns I’ve had, i.e the most number of new patrons, was when I withheld my content for a long period of time before I made it public I once started several episodes of a series that were released as they were finished on only available on Patron. Later in the year they were released to the public. During this time I converted more patrons because I had more value to offer them as an incentive to join. The downside is that I had a long gap with public content, and some non-supporters complained that the content wasn’t ‘real-time’. Generally the wait on the content wasn’t a bad thing as it made the next season even more exciting for everyone when it went public.