How to build a social media following from nothing

Just came across this article, which I feel is pretty comprehensive/helpful for those of you who are just starting to build a social media presence.

Questions I have from this:

-What social media sites do you use? Why did you choose them?
-Do you have any other tips/tactics you’ve used that aren’t addressed in this article?


Sounds right. Get the ball rolling with friends, Facebook ads, give-aways, following your audience everywhere and so on. Then just stick to, be consistent, and let the snowball effect take over – provided you actually create good content people want follow and share. :wink:
Some of the mentioned methods are a bit shady though. The follow-to-unfollow practise works, but is of course a type of spam. And scraping email addresses for commercial purposes? Well, I would get sued for that here in Europe.

Depends on the project, but almost always Facebook and Twitter, sometimes also Instagram and Google+. It’s those places where people go every day, so you have to be there as well to get their attention. But that’s about it. In the end I want them to become daily visitors of my site(s), email subscribers, YouTube subscribers and so on. I much rather have full control of everything on my own sites and don’t want to rely too much on social media accounts.


Thanks for sharing, Ralf! Totally see how scraping emails is shady–I think that may be illegal here too (or at least highly regulated). :thinking:

Social media is great to spread your Creation and I’ve also signed up with a bunch of forums that specialize on Indie Games (in my case) so that helps too. The problem for me is that I suffer from severe dyslexics and find it soooo “painful” to be apart of discussions etc since I have such a hard time expressing myself in written messages + spell check every world :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m making a Facebook page at the moment in preparation for my Trailer release.
I’ve also been hash tagging a bunch of screenshots over at Twitter which seem to be the most effective way to get followers at least. I’ve been updating my Twitter daily cuz I realized that most people (myself included) are following toooo many people so our posts disappear in the feed within minutes. So I’m planning to start posting at least twice a day.