How to create a special offer without hacking off existing Patrons?

Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to think of a way of running a special offer without hacking off my existing Patrons. How have others handled this? I’m a potter and considering giving a free pot to new members at a certain tier level, it wouldn’t be viable for me to offer this to existing patrons too because of the cost. So how do I run a special offer without extending it to existing Patrons?


If I’m understanding you correctly, you should be able to do this already. When making a special offer, you can select which tiers will get access to it. It doesn’t automatically apply to all tiers.

Alternatively, though I don’t know how big the pots you make are, but you could make some really tiny ones instead as your special offer. I’ve bought tiny jars before just because they’re so cute. People might be interested in those, could be worth asking around your fan base.


You can specifically state in the text portion of your special offer and your social media that it’s for new patrons only. It -will- show current patrons in the special offer benefits as well but that is simply because there is no filter currently to pick new patrons only so you will have to check who is new and who is not.

If you are very clear about this and the prohibitive cost to your current patrons, they will likely understand. You can always make other offers to them if you dont already, like first dibs on new pottery for sale, etc.


Don’t. Pick something you can offer both existing members and new ones.


Hey Sam, thanks so much for your response. I didn’t want to be like a bank or insurance company that only offered a special thing for new customers therefore pissing off their existing ones if you know what I mean :joy:


I value my existing patrons more than potential new ones that perhaps just want the special offer. So I would only go for a special offer that’s for both existing and new patrons.


Yep, that’s what I always recommend as well.

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As others have said, with a new offer make it so that existing patrons (above a certain tier at least) will get the new thing. I’ve done stickers or enamel pins before.

I make originals and would love it if they would make special offer limited to number (not just time) but they still haven’t done that. I’d like to be able to do mini painting special offers but I can’t do that with it just limited to days etc.