How to deal with a patron that says "I hate it."

Hi guys,

Today one patron posted “I hate it” on my post:

Should I ban him?

Is there a history of such posts from this patron? If there isn’t, I’d either just ignore them or even try and engage them by asking what it is that they don’t like. Not everyone is going to like everything you do, even among patrons.

Personally, I wouldn’t be so quick to ban someone just because they gave me feedback I don’t like. If they start making a habit of it by always posting comments like that or get nasty, then I’d possibly consider it, but a single post expressing their dislike of something doesn’t seem like enough of a reason to ban them to me. At least not yet. For now, I’d just let it go, but watch them carefully.


I agree - I would view banning as a last resort.

It’s totally up to you how you respond, and what your next steps are, but without the context of the full post, here’s some considerations I might explore as ideas of how you may respond -

As mentioned above, you can simply ignore the comment. It isn’t quite constructive, but it may be helpful for you to keep a log - perhaps in the NOTES section of Patron Relationship Manager that this comment was left so you can see if there is a pattern.

You may also consider using this as an opportunity to get some more insight to perhaps turn this non-constructive comment into constructive feedback. You can do this by replying to the “I hate it” comment with something along the lines, “Hi there, can you clarify what you don’t like about this post/art? Do you have any ideas or feedback on what would make it more to your liking?” or simply saying, “What do you mean?” or “Why do you hate this?”

Engaging a patron to expand upon the comment may prove to be insightful, they may be a poor communicator and when given the chance to expand on their thoughts and talk to you directly they may be more compassionate and use the comment system as a way to engage with you rather than as a sounding board that feels anonymous.

Best of luck, let us know how it goes!


A ban is extreme, and should be the absolute last resort, and only for abusive or illegal activities. I’ve had Patrons tell me they don’t like something I’ve done, and my response is to try to engage them to find out what. That’s what I’d do with your Patron.

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that not everyone likes or appreciates the same things, but if someone is giving you money for your work, take it, happily, and allow them to express their opinions, unless they become abusive (or do something illegal, such as making threats).

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I think I’ll only ignore it for a while.

I don’t think his post was actually a constructive feedback.

I don’t think that pledging my creations give the patron the right to bring negativity to my page.

It wasn’t constructive, you can decide if you want to know more about the motivation behind the comment to make it constructive, or you can disregard it, as you suggest.

No one deserves any sort of unwarranted negativity, hate, or mean-spirited comments. You can ignore the comment, or even delete it from the post if you wish, you don’t have to keep it up. But definitely make a note as to whether this patron is frequently interacting in a way that’s not appropriate or conducive to how you are running your page so you can see if there’s a pattern or if further future action will be needed (like removing them or messaging them directly).

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One more thought: not everyone has a decent sense of humor. Your supporter might have thought it was funny to say that, based on a meme or a conversation from elsewhere or who-knows-what.

If they are still paying to support you, then they don’t dislike your work (or yourself). People who genuinely don’t like or want something vote with their feet, and the nearest poll is the exit. If they are still there, you’re doing fine.

Take a deep breath, and keep creating.


I can vouch for people saying stuff like this as a joke! We do it all the time in my family when one of us has finished a new project we’re showing off, but it’s always quickly followed by ‘just kidding’ plus you can tell by our tone that we’re not serious. However, it’s one of those jokes that doesn’t translate to text well.

And Th_Mole is right, people don’t generally keep paying to support an artist they don’t like. Odds are, it’s either just a random dislike from someone that usually loves your work, or it’s a very poor taste joke.

Still, as trolls do exist, make a note about them and keep watch to see if they keep making comments like that. People do have a right to not like every piece you make though and even to tell you so, however, they should still be polite about it and an ‘eh, not my favorite piece of yours’ will suffice and go over a whole lot better than a blunt ‘I hate it’ post.