How to get inspired to create POWERFUL art - Anytime!

A little advice for you if you don’t know what to create, and maybe you’re feeling a bit stuck on your creative journey.

Look at whatever you’re feeling right now… it might be feeling empty, maybe drained, sad? Perhaps though motivated, inspired, joyful? Or maybe you don’t really feel anything right now?

Here’s what you can do now, whatever you’re feeling and experiencing, make art/video/music about exactly this! So if you’re feeling as if no idea pops up into your mind for a new video, make a video about feeling as if no new ideas can pop up into your mind.

Be honest about it, be real, share your true experience of it. I believe people will be able to connect with,maybe even on deeper levels! Try this out! Thanks for reading!


I believe that this is actually really good advice!


Thanks Nate! :slight_smile: Highly, highly appreciate your input!


wow–honesty??? Are you sure that’s a good policy??? :wink:

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This ain’t no policy! :smiley: Just some advice that you can take however you want! :smiley: :smiley: