How to get more Patrons

hI Guys !!

just asking for any suggestions to get more Patrons.
im Animation & VFX Artist.
creating resources , tutorials, archviz scenes etc

thanks in advanced.

this is my profile.


Hi there Juan!

I checked out your page, and wow, your work is amazing! I love the image of the low light room!
I think a lot of us doing any 3D could learn a lot about lighting from you!

Some tips/things I’ve noticed:

  • Your introduction is a bit vague, I think you should elaborate some more. Talk about what can Patrons expect, why did you start your work, what you’llbe doing and so on.
  • You shut put some of your pictures to you introduction. I know when I’m looking at someone’s page, I always look for the pictures first. However, the video is great!
  • Marketing! I do not know if you publicize yourself anywhere, but you definitely should! Your work looks great, but if people can’t find it, it doesn’t matter! Make your self known!

I’ll put together a topic from my ideas and post it here on the Patreon Community, probably on the weekend. I’ll go in depth to a few things.

Keep up the good work and have a nice day!


Lewdlab Yeah !!

thanks so much, i really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:
ill follow your sugestions , im a noob here

i think youre right, i need to see my patreon page from patron eyes



This is, hands down, the most asked question in the Patreon creators Facebook group. This is my stock answer:

Patreon is not a place to find followers. It’s a tool that allows people already following you elsewhere to provide financial support for whatever it is that you do. You will not generally find your patrons on Patreon; you’ll find them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your email list, or wherever people can sign up to get updates about your work. Your goal is to convert those folks to patrons.

I’ve seen a lot of questions about what to do if you don’t have a following. The short answer is build one. Put in the work and time required to get people interested and excited about what you do, to the point that they’ll give you money to keep doing it. This isn’t an overnight process, and there aren’t shortcuts. You have to do the work, and accept that your Patreon page isn’t going to turn into gold overnight.



Woow, that punctual and accurate, I will focus my efforts you have a lot of reason, I need to find those people interested out there / and it really costs, but it will be worth it

I appreciate you taking the time to respond