How to hook Patrons up with my Discord server

Hi! I’m new to Discord and am a bit lost in how to do tech support for my Patrons who report not getting an invite.

I have Discord + Patreon successfully set up. Patrons are appearing in my Discord server with correct tiers auto-assigned. Therefore, I think the integration is correctly set up:

But several Patrons are saying they did not get a Discord invite. How do I invite them in the way required so they show up as Patrons?

Do I just send them a normal share link via the Invite People button within Discord, and Patron status will automatically be figured out?

Or do I need to send a special invite somehow from within Patreon?

Thanks for the help!

I am going to reply to this with a pint if salt.
I had (idk if I’m still have) the same problem. I asked Patreon support twice for help and they ended with a “idk what’s happening” as an ultimate reply, so I gave up and ended sending private invitations using other medias to my patrons.

Jyst a week ago, thanks to an experienced user/creator @Althaea I had a better answer and what to do, so I suggest you to join the Patreon discord to see her explanation (my English is too limited sorry). In it you Have to explain your patrons how to fix their discord so the link works for Patreon… yeeeeeetttttt… I don’t like the fact that I have to do the technical work Patreon service is supposed to provide us, or bother my patrons (clients) with them working on something is supposed is a service they should receive.

IM busy creating, my patrons are doing enough paying for my work and for a platform that should work

Keep in mind that your patrons also need to have discord connected to their patreon account in thier settings for the bot to be able to do anything as that’s where it gets it’s connections and data from. There are FAQ pages on patreon that you can link
to them to ensure they are connected.

Some folks do not want to make that connection because in the past, you would automatically get added to a person’s server without the option of approving that invite. I’m not sure if thats changed now but I stopped connecting mine for that reason. So there
is always always a need to know how to manually put people into their roles as a patron on your server regardless of if you have the bot working or not as there will always be folks who dont want to connect their discord to patreon. (Discord has lots of guides
on how to use the platform so take advantage of it when you need it.)

When I had everything connected, the bit worked okay for the most part but it still hinged on both sides (patron and creator) having discord connected.

For when it doesn’t work, you need to have a link available to give to patrons (invite link from your discord server settings ) to give them and just do it manually.

Hey @johnnfour, have you taken a look at the Patreon help site? We have lots of resources that might help, like this article.

Thanks Mindy. It was unclear how to properly send an invite. The tutorial does not cover that part specifically, or supply a screenshot.

I experimented with a Patron and found I could use the invite link within my Discord server. Easy peasy.

And I was able to send them the helpful Patreon documentation about how to connect one’s Patreon account to Discord. That got them set up, and them my invite got them in, no problem.