How to Make Social Media Suck Less (Feedback Requested!)

Hello darling patreon creators!

I’ve been a full-time traveling model for the past six years and last year started to teach marketing to other creative entrepreneurs. I’m quite good - and bonus! - turns out I really love doing it!

I’m soon launching a private community here on patreon offering tools and trainings to empower us creatives to simplify marketing ourselves on social media and, hopefully, help it to suck less!

I’d love to get some feedback from other patreon creators on what areas you struggle in most, and what sorts of tools/trainings I can offer to help most!

I’ve put together a survey at the link below and would so appreciate getting as many responses as possible so that I can really build a badass community! You’ll also get a link to my free simplified social media guide at the end.

Here’s the link!

Learning how to market myself was at first such a struggle. I think it’s natural for us artistic types to not naturally be fit for the capitalist aspects of marketing, plus when you’re sensitive it can be really difficult to not get caught up in all the noise and comparison! Which is exactly why I’m all about teaching marketing AND mindset, and hope to create a really positive impact in the way we approach marketing ourselves - and of course help you to build your badass business (& life!) too by doing so!

Thank you all very much, stay tuned for the launch of the private community, and I so look forward to and appreciate the feedback!



Jin, you know I love all you do! Please tell me you’re about to start a CYNL Patreon. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Filled in, love the idea, I’m SO overwhelmed :joy:

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What I need, since I’m not good at promotion, and hate doing it, is a way to find professional, reputable, no nonsense services that will do something substantive, not just over-promise or release 10 formula tweets.

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I would like to find a more effective way to promote my patreon account. I’ve tried promoting it through Twitter and Facebook, but I’m still not getting any people interested in supporting my channel.