How to offer patron-only download links over 1GB?

Hey Guys,

I want to offer private downloads of large files for my patrons without relying on Google Drive or MEGA.

I found this sample from another game and it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

The main advantage would be download speed above those of Google Drive and MEGA.

Do any of you know how to offer a similar patron-only download?



I use, which provides both links and the ability to allow Dropbox-like folder/file sync to Patrons. It takes a bit of management, but works very well, and can handle things like limited time/limited numbers.

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I did not know about and it seems to solve one of my pain points: MEGA has a download limit, but doesn’t seem to have it.

This is really great. I should use it on my next release

Thanks, Michael_Loucks!

You’re welcome. Even better, it’s fully end-to-end encrypted, so they cannot see your files. Nobody can snoop on them, including the government.

I use dropbox for all my patron downloads and love it. Seamless!

Remember, Dropbox can see all of your material and may delete it at their discretion without warning.