How to promote a Patron post

Last month I created a useful PDF for Patrons and shared it out to them via private post:

I realized just now I’m missing a golden opportunity to spread the word about this to attract new Patrons.

First, what can I do to improve my post for better acquisition?

For example, the beautiful PDF cover I had designed doesn’t show on the locked post. And the excerpt is really short.

Am I missing any Patreon features that would spiff up that post as a landing page for non-Patreons?

Or should I create another post, for the public, that has a preview of some kind? Wouldn’t that spam my Patrons though, because they have already been messaged about the initial Patron-only post?

Second, how have you promoted such Patron posts/exclusives online? What was the approach/wording you used?

It feels odd to me to post on my FB page “Here’s something I gave out to Patrons recently you might be interested in. Check it out…” and then they’re hit right away with the paywall.

It’s all ask, no give there. A hard sell, it feels like.

Any advice?



I think it’s fine the way it is (in general and your example).

I also see no problem in linking to content that will be behind a paywall. Just as singer can link to iTunes, a writer to Amazon and so on.
The last patron-exclusive post I shared on social media had screenshots from the paywalled video and had the tag #patronexclusive so people could understand what this is about. It even got lots of likes—all from people who are not patrons. So it seems people had no problem with these links.


Here’s what I used recently on social media to promote a locked post:

It got a surprising number of likes and retweets, mostly from people who don’t have access. And at least a few people joined because of it!


Thanks for the great example, Kevin!


I think @dataschool’s example is great - if you can use an image and accompany it with the link, that’s what I’d recommend. I’ve also seen creators who create a preview - as in, they’ll have 15 seconds of a video available publicly, then link to the rest of it on Patreon.

I do think that thanking your patrons as you make new posts behind the paywall and inviting new folks to join isn’t necessarily a hard sell. I’d say something like - “I’m so excited to share this brand-new x piece of content with my Patrons! Get exclusive access by joining the community” or something similar that works in your voice. :slight_smile:


I really like this idea! I’m going to try it for my Kingdom Hearts review!

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Just posted up my tweet! How does this look?

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