How to Run Patreon for 501(c)(3) Nonprofits?

Hi. Is there a special way to set up a Patreon for a 501©(3) nonprofit organization? And/or do forum users here have advice on how to run a normal Patreon account for a 501©(3).

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Hi there! Late reply, but I’m the executive director of a 501c3 using Patreon as a donor subscription platform.

For setup, just be sure in the tax settings for setup you properly fill things out with your charity’s EIN, etc. Otherwise, it’s been more or less similar to running a normal Patreon creator page. There isn’t any other special thing we had to do to set that up, but if you are a 501c3, it may be helpful to link to the FAQ about registered nonprofits and let your subscribers know about charitable deductions.

Best of luck!

Edit: Realizing the '17 is for 2017, whoops! Hopefully someone looking for the same answer comes along and finds this though. :slight_smile: