How to sell your art without selling out

In this new digital age, it’s a challenge to get your art seen and appreciated. It’s also tempting to follow the current trends, “do what everyone else is doing”, and be a crowd pleaser. In this video, @Jack_Conte walks through ways to sell your art and not sell out or compromise on the things that make you unique.

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I gave up caring about trends a long time ago. It was just rather ‘soulless’ chasing after them, creating pieces I didn’t really like, and never being able to stay on top of what was or was not trending anymore. It’s so much more satisfying creating what I love and seeing others appreciate it for what it is rather than because it’s ‘trending.’ It is, however, much harder to grow your following when you’re not marketing to a very, very clear audience. This, is what I find myself struggling with the most.