How to set up a Wordpress blog to be a patron-only companion site linked to your tiers

I’ve heard from a bunch of creators that they’d like to have an easy way to link from their creator pages to an easily-updated page that lists that tier’s links, discount codes, etc and is accessible only for active patrons. This is something that Patreon is actively interested in helping creators with natively on, but there’s a pretty great solution to this if you have a Wordpress blog that allows plugins (it’s $25/mo on for the business plan, but you can also install it on your own server (via, or any other hosting option that are likely much cheaper than that).

Here are the steps I took to create a companion site on Wordpress that lets patrons log in with their Patreon account and see pages that you’ve set up to link to specific reward tiers.

  1. Create a Wordpress blog that allows plugins. Here’s my example site’s homepage. It’s using the “Independent Publisher 2” theme in case you just wanted to do this exactly like I have.

  2. Install the free Wordpress plugin. Side note: (if that’s your host) has a new admin panel which doesn’t have all of the same functionality as the current one most other hosts use. I recommend going to “WP Admin” for all of the remaining steps here if you’re using that new admin interface, the old one will work better.

  3. From WP Admin: I created a Post (which is different from a Page in Wordpress terminology) that explained that this was a companion site for patrons, and linked it to Patreon. I don’t expect many people to come here directly, but just in case.

  4. Then I created another Page to serve as my patron-only zone. I only have 1 tier but the idea would be to create one of these pages for each of the tiers that you wanted to host specific tier-related content on. The way you set the homepage and blog post index is in Themes > Customize > Homepage Settings. Wordpress is a bit weird to navigate around so it may take some clicking around to find the right settings when setting things up the first time.

  5. I created a Post that serves as the landing page for people in my tier, with some high-level information about where to find things. If the Patreon Wordpress plugin is installed, you’ll see a “Patron level” widget in the post editor’s sidebar, which you can set to the tier that you want to restrict this post to. This means that people visiting this page will need to log in with their Patreon account to see the post. For non-patrons, the title will still show up along with an explanation that this is locked to patrons and a button to “become a patron” that links back to the pledge flow. (After looking into the data on this flow, we’ve found that people who go through this flow are very likely to complete the pledge flow because the value is obvious.)

  6. Finally, I link from my reward tier description directly to the “patron-only zone” in my Wordpress blog. People who aren’t patrons yet will see that it’s locked, and patrons will be able to log in to unlock those pages! This means that your patrons will now be able to find your rewards, discount codes, files, and all that jazz super easily whenever they want (just go to your creator page and click on the link from the reward tier). You can see how I’ve set it up in my $1 tier on my page as an example.

That’s it! Now I have a companion site that patrons can access and which I can update in a super-flexible way whenever I want. I can use patron-only posts on Patreon, as well as messages, to let people know when major updates happen… but I don’t have to if I just expect patrons to come by my page and click through as needed. If you have any questions about the above or thoughts on how to improve the experience, let’s talk about it! If you set this up I’d also love to hear how you like it and if it makes your life easier.

Side note: I’m a product manager on the platform team here at Patreon, and am working directly with the developer who builds the Wordpress plugin and we’re actively improving it to work for this use case… so feedback you give here could be acted on quickly if you try this and have ideas for making it better. I hope this has been helpful.


Thanks for the great example of how to integrate wordpress with Patreon! I’m also a user of the CodeBard pro plugin, which adds some nice functionality. Sadly, my main site is kinda bloated and I keep running into various hurdles with plugin conflicts. Definitely more my fault than anyone else’s

Perhaps I’ll build a simple little companion site just for Patreon rewards, though ideally I’d add it to my existing site!

Anyway, pledged to you to check out how it all works, and cos I like what you’re up to :grin:


A simple companion site might be a bit easier to set up, but if you want to go the route of making it work with your main one I’m sure we can help with that as well. Also, I sent you an email last week about fulfillment manager… looking forward to shipping that soon too! Looking forward to chatting more soon.


Ideally I’d not have to set up a new site just for fulfillment of rewards (one more domain to pay for, ya know). I’d be interested to know how to incorporate it into an existing site :slight_smile:


That makes sense! I’ll follow up as part of our email thread to talk it through.

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I realized I didn’t fully understand how it works once installed, so I have a couple of newbie questions!
Do I understand this correctly, that posts on your companion site are independent of posts you make through your patreon profile? If I post on patreon, it won’t be automatically posted on my site, and vice-versa, unless I double-post myself? (this suits me fine, just checking)


Yes, this is correct! There is no sync’ing of posts back and forth at the moment (this is something we may want to enable in the future, though). So you can post a ton of things on wordpress and then announce it all with a single post on Patreon, if you want. Let me know if you have any other questions about this, and I’m happy to help!