How to setup Google Analytics Goals for New Patron / Thank You Page?

Has anybody successfully setup Google Analytics Goals with Patreon - specifically for when they get a new Patron?

I asked Patreon support, and they said they asked around but nobody in all of Patreon knows how to set it up.

This was actually surprising to me, since I also use Shopify and they have such a great tutorial on this:

Since Patreon doesn’t know how to do this - is there anybody in our community who has successfully done so?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

(Edited to clarify: Goals specifically for new Patrons.)

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Hey @chriscade, thanks for the post! I poked around and it looks like this might work:

Google Analytics --> Click Admin --> Click Goals --> Goal Type = Destination --> Drop whatever link you want to track (i.e. if a patron has viewed a specific post, for example)

Let me know if that doesn’t do the trick :slight_smile:

For anyone else who wants to get started with Google Analytics, we ran a live workshop a while back which I hope might still be helpful.

Thanks, Mindy - you’re getting closer! :slight_smile:

Specifically, I need the Destination URL that would indicate a person has become a paying Patron.

For shopping carts it’s typically something like /thanks or /thank_you - anything that indicates a purchase.

I want to create a Goal specifically to know if somebody completed the process and became a Patron.

Can you find out what the final URL is that somebody lands on after becoming a Patron?

It’s probably the one that the “Thank You” video is embedded on. At least that’s my best guess. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s the Thank You page that your thank you message is embedded on - I’m not sure how to get it as a URL and not just from inside the editor though?

yeah… if anyone figures this out please let me know. I’ve been struggling with accurate tracking of when new patrons complete the checkout process.


Yes, that’s what I’m looking for. And… :slight_smile:

There’s often going to be extra letters/numbers on the URL.

So having the correct detailed Google Analytics Goal “settings” would be helpful as well (like how the Shopify tutorial provided).

Additionally, it’s not clear if that Thank You URL already has our Google Analytics ID installed on it.

@iamthesam - Glad to hear I’m not the only one!

If you have Analytics set up for your Patreon page, then it will work for the Thank You URL.

This might work as a workaround? I just pretended to pledge to myself in a separate browser, and it gave me this URL:

It’s not perfect as not everyone who clicks to checkout will actually reach the thank you page, but it helps you track who gets to the sign up point, which you could then use to analyse who doesn’t pledge and try to figure out why?

@francesca - Yup, I was able to get that URL too when I started to create my Google Analytics Goals.

Unfortunately, without the final “Thank You” / confirmation step (and being sure it has our Google Analytics Tracking on it), we can’t create a full Funnel / Goal visualization in Google Analytics.

What you’re pointing to is exactly what I’m going for – to find out exactly how many people:
(1) Visit my page/s
(2) Choose a tier
(3) Get to the /signup page
(4) Complete the signup process

That gives me some very specific data on not just who is getting where, and what’s working, but also the data to start retargeting people and walking them through the process.

I also want to take this one step further, and specifically set the same info up for Facebook. Then I could literally target ads to people based on exactly what they have done (or not done).

It’s more than just data - it’s potentially data we can use to help people complete the process, become patrons, and potentially even help improve the long-term stick rate.

I hope that Patreon creates a better Google Analytics Goal Tracking FAQ, just like Shopify did.

Hello Chris and fellow creators,

I’m an engineer at Patreon and sorry for the not having clear guidance around this! The equivalent to the final “Thank You” is this URL:<your-page-vanity>/membership. This page (tab) is only accessible by your active patrons, and is the URL we route new patrons to after pledging in the flow.

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for, and if it solves your usage case!


Thanks so much! I’ll run that through my GA Goals / Funnels & see how it goes.

Do you know if my Facebook Pixel (I’m a beta tester) is also going to be on /membership ?

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Great and no problem! Yes, when you integrate your Facebook Pixel, it will be the equivalent flow.

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@jbyttow - So… it looks like /membership may not have the Google Tracking installed.

The reason I wonder about that possibility is because when I look at my Google Analytics there’s no URLs showing up with /membership. (I’ve had GA installed for ages on Patreon)

I’ve tried also using that URL to verify my Google Analytics Goal, and GA says that it would not have triggered in the last 7 days (I did get 3 new patrons recently).

Attached are screenshots from my GA


Any ideas? :slight_smile:


Thanks @chriscade, the engineering team is taking a look! Thanks for flagging.

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Glad to help!

And for reference, before I was a creator - I was a software tester, software test manager, and software designer - in Silicon Valley for Hitachi & Adobe. So if my testing / expertise can help in diagnosing / troubleshooting / testing, feel free to reach out as needed.

Also, since you’re diving into this for Google Analytics Goals, you should know - I’m a Facebook Pixel beta tester, and my next round of tech stuff will be these exact issues except for Facebook Pixel (which also is not tracking all Patreon URLs).

One thing at a time, though. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for this!


Awesome :), yes, thanks for that feedback! Our team will have this addressed shortly.


I tried integrating Google Analytics with my Patreon account, but it’s not saving the UA code.

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Hi @marc, we believed we’ve now fixed this issue! Please let me know if you’re still having problems.

Just curious is patrons who edit their pledge will end up on this same page?[vanity]/membership

Checkout Success no longer redirects to BePatreonDone?
I was looking at this video about how to use Analytics with Patreon

They mention you can track conversions by measuring how many users get to the /BePareonDone page, but Im not seeing this anymore in my analytics. Is this information incorrect or outdated?

How can we track daily subscriptions now?
can we use /membership? will this track unique visits?

I hope you can help, Thank you