How to sync my patrons in my membership website without using Patreon WP plugin

Hi there,
I am building a membership website, and at the same time I have some patrons on Patreon. I want to provide all of my content free to my patrons on my website since they already paid us on Patreon. Ideally I want them to be able to use the same email address in the Patreon system to sign up in my website and be able to skip the paywall.

Does anyone have any advice as how I can get that done?


There is a Patreon API for this. So the email addresses of active patrons can be retrieved and matched to the accounts on your own website by a script running in the background automatically.
That’s the basic idea. The details would depend on the software you are using to create your website. You might need a web software developer to create the Patreon connection as a custom plugin.

If you are using WordPress, just install & activate Patreon’s WordPress plugin:

You can search from your WP plugin admin and click install and then activate. The setup wizard will help you with the rest.

Additionally, if you were using Paid Memberships Pro, Patreon WordPress is compatible with it.

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Thank you so much @TypographyGuru

I am on wordpress. Patreon has a wp plugin. Personally I don’t like the plugin. I want a cleaner look for login and signup.

So my developer should be able to achieve that function by retrieving and matching the account by using the API ?


thank you so much for your advice@CodeBard. I am trying to figure it out how to sync the users without using the Patreon plugin. I feel sign up and login page will look much cleaner that way .

What Patreon Wordpress puts in your login page is just a ‘login with Patreon’ button, nothing else.

And unlocking content is much more smooth and simpler with Patreon WordPress since it takes care of registration, login and pledge in one go.

The above examples are from Pro version demo, but the free version acts the same.

Even if you write custom code, you will end up having to put something in your login page, and also in gated posts/content to allow login via Patreon and unlocking via Patreon. So it will almost end up the same.

If you still feel that you need more customization, you can customize the look and feel of what Patreon WordPress adds to your site using the hooks/filters provided for the plugin. That way you can both customize your implementation and also avoid having to deal with writing api, oauth code.

Ie you can just filter the login and unlock buttons and replace them with your own buttons.