How to use as membership for previous customers?

I’m thinking of switching to Patreon as my primary membership platform.

However, I’m wondering about previous non-Patron customers who purchased my courses and PDFs through another membership plugin.

Is there any way to bring those people under the Patreon umbrella? I want them to be able to access their content even if they are not current Patrons, or have never been a Patron.


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Hi there! Anna here–I’m on the Creator Success team at Patreon :blush:
Regarding your question, it depends! You could potentially keep your existing content connected to your membership plugin active, but only add new content through your Patreon page behind a membership paywall. This way, your existing patrons would still be able to access the courses and PDFs they paid for, and proactively incentivize them to pay for additional content through Patreon in the future. What do you think?

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Hi Anna. It looks like I’ll need to keep my existing membership plugin. I was hoping to do everything through Patreon and remove my other membership plugin to simplify things.

But I understand how tricky it would be to do that because non-Patrons would need access as well, somehow.

Thanks for getting back to me.

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