How to work on your hustle EFFORTLESSLY and make growth easier!

Disclaimer: I was just now writing this for a forum for youtubers. If you don’t create on youtube, just replace youtube with whatever platform you’re using! — Really hope this can help you to jump-start your career.

Do you ever feel like your life sucks now and you’re trying you’re very best to get out of the situation by creating a lot of videos on youtube and getting rich and then be happy??

I felt like this a lot, and while it got me hundreds of subscribers and views, it always felt like it was hard to work on this… and I had to drag myself and force many things…

HERE’S MY TIP how to overcome this!! First of all, recognize if youtube or your hustle is something you NEED to do? What if I tell you know that will never be a Youtube Star? How are you feeling now? Sink into this feeling, let yourself experience it.

Whenever I felt feelings of sadness, anger, or whatever you would label as “bad emotions”, I’d do my best to escape it, so I would travel or do youtube to make my life situation better to not anymore feel those feelings. However those feeling will always stay, those “bad ones”. So here’s a challenge for you. Next time you’re feeling bored, angry, hurt…, just let it happen, let it come over you. It’s okay to feel those emotions…

You will experience after going through this, you don’t NEED to have a million subscribers to be happy, you don’t NEED to have a million $ to not feel sadness. Right now, where you are is just good as it is. You accept it completely just as it is.

So what now? You’re feeling good, and welcome all emotions, and there’s no more NEEDINESS?? But, would you still keep up doing youtube videos??? Where’s the motivation now???!! Well, here’s the thing, you will just feel like doing youtube videos, you will be inspired to do something creative. It will come naturally. Now things will flow easier and faster. Let yourself experience you.

This inspired me to write this. Any questions?? I’d love to answer them!

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