How to work out the fees I'm paying yearly on patreon?

I know this can only be approximate since my subscribers fluctuate, but they’ve been pretty steady for the past 2 years (been on here for 4) and I wanted to see what I am paying yearly to use Patreon.

I am not great with numbers so tell me if I’m getting totally the wrong end of the stick here, thank you!

Below is a screenshot of the past few months. If I add up an average of the payment processing fees and an average of the platform fees and times that by 12, does that give me an average of what Patreon is costing me each year?

Example: $33 as an average processing fee per month and $53 as an average of platform fees per month.

$33 + $53 = $86 X 12 = $1032 to use Patreon each year?

Is that about right? Please be gentle if I’ve not grasped it, I have dyscalculia (like a dyslexia with maths) so this stuff does not come naturally.

Thanks in advance!

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I think you’re making the math more complicated than it needs to be, but yes, adding up the average of one and the average of the other and multiplying by 12 will give you an approximate annual total. But you could also simply add 12 months of both columns together and see exactly how much you paid in fees in that 12-month period. (Instead of adding each column and dividing it by whatever number of months you used and then multiplying again.)

Fwiw, it looks like you’re paying $85–$100 per month, so about $1020–$1200 per year.

Adding up the top 6 months gives $553.54, multiplied by 2 gives an approximate total of $1107.08, which is about the middle of that range.

But to get an annual average, you’d need to average annual totals (e.g., take the totals of 5 years and get the average from that).

p.s. Sorry if I’m over-explaining! You said you’re bad with numbers, so I’m trying to be clear.

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Thank you Aria!! Yeah what you are saying makes more sense haha!! You aren’t over explaining at all. I will do some proper sums like you suggest. I actually quite like the neatness of maths but numbers jump about a lot for me (literally) so it can be a challenge!

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You’re an artist, whereas I have aphantasia. We all have our things. :slight_smile:

In any case, happy to have helped!

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Oooh I had to look that up, fascinating! It’s so normal for me to see things/visualise things in my head that I find it hard to imagine that there are folks who can’t! Aren’t people amazing and so varied!? I would imagine those who find maths easy would find it odd to imagine folks who can’t too lol.

I haven’t been diagnosed with dyscalculia but more self diagnosis as I have so many of the signs of it (and reallllllly struggled at school with maths and was much slower than everyone else).

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I can easily understand folks struggling with math, but apparently there are people who can actually hear distinct voices (or smell things, taste things) in their minds—and there are also people who don’t have an internal narrator at all, and that I cannot wrap my mind around haha.

Every human experience seems to be on a spectrum, and we’re only just starting to acknowledge that.

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This thread took quite a turn but it was a fun and interesting one! It’s hard to imagine what your daily life would look like without an ability you have, or with an extra one.

@artbyemilyhare - looks like @AriaGlazki gave a pretty clear explanation but I also wanted to share this support article with you! Scroll down to the Earning’s section for a breakdown of your Patreon earnings and fees for extra context. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

@AriaGlazki I can imagine what things will taste like together in my head (to a degree) which is mostly because I have been a keen cook for many years and have built up a library of what works and doesn’t work in my head! I know some people have synesthesia where a colour has a certain musical note associated to it! They also get the same feeling from seeing certain pictures too. It’s really interesting!

Yeah I am fascinated by the lack of internal narrator too! Although fascinated that you are a writer and can’t visualise things in your head, that seems like it would be a challenge! How do you ‘see’ the story if you don’t see it as images in your head, is it all words?

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Believe it or not, I actually wrote a post about it a couple months back, if you’re curious:

The tl;dr version is that I can feel my characters’ emotional states, know what they say to each other, but everything else takes way more effort to create and include. I definitely don’t have the “movies playing in my head” experience many writers describe.

Synesthesia is fascinating! I knew about that long before the rest of these options, and I’ve always found it incredible how people’s minds can perceive things so differently!

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That is really fascinating thank you. I think (as is often the case with ones own ‘natural’ abilities) you just assume everyone can see stuff in their head! SO SO interesting! I also hear that some folks only see things in their minds eye in black and white too!

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Yep, it’s only through getting to know other people and their experiences that we even have a chance to learn folks are so varied—in every way.