How would you feel about a Patreon wallet?

Do you have to be so rude? As someone pointed out to you on another thread, if you hate it so much you’re free to leave. There is a difference between criticism and entitled b*tching.


I’m with you on this Ryan, so many people are missing out on the pay up front thing and why they can’t give it to all creators is beyond me. I’m very fortunate to have it as I did have some people who pledged then deleted before payment back when I had the monthly thing set up.

Joumana yes… this!! I do not understand how they have not fixed this problem with native searches in patreon. Kickstarter does it very well, it’s not like it’s something that’s hard to do as most sites have a way of searching. To only point people towards the big bucks earners might make patreon feel good to be able to boast their big fish, but it doesn’t help the other people who COULD also become big fish if they actually got some eyes on their pages via search!


these are sincere questions and i dont think its rude to ask how much a ceo gets paid vs how much the people who do his work for him make. i think these are difficult but important things to address.

In a single post you heavily hinted that Patreon was engaging in both embezzlement and fraud.
If you have “sincere” questions, find a way of asking them without making insulting insinuations. The staff don’t have to take this with a smile and neither do the rest of us.


this is the theory i am referencing and saw circulating in december. patreons desire to be obtuse about their motives have lead people to fill in the blanks on their own. dont shoot the messenger.
e: if it isnt true, i would be interested in hearing patreons reasoning because they havent offered and kind of insight into their thought process. like in this instance, for example.

Hey, @carla,
That seems very interesting, but for now, I’d be much more interested in having once again the ability to use my income funds to support other creators above the threshold of $100.

That was possible until Nov/17, but during one of the updates, whenever I try to make a pledge above that sum, it ignores my funds and tries to bill my Credit Card.

Could you guys please rollback that option once again?

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Let me dig into this!

OK - here is what I heard:

We do a temp authorization for all payments over $100USD on the attached payment method to ensure the funds are available. The money is normally returned within 48 hours.

If you have more questions or feel like something funky is going on with your specific account, please do reach out directly to community happiness.

I really like the idea of having an annual membership option.


Thanks @carla, but you may have misunderstood what I meant:
I was previously able to use my creator balance (which is already available by definition, before I withdraw it every month).

But that changed in November and I’m not able to do that anymore.

Ah! I would check in with the CH team. We can’t figure out what is happening or why this is different from before. It should do an authorization, then remove the balance from your creator balance, and release the hold. Since it sounds like that isn’t happening, I would just message us directly about your specific account.

why doesnt patreon batch 1 dollar payments, or does it?

Batching only works when it’s from the same account, which, if you pay for your support with one source for multiple artists, they DO batch payments with these.

Ex: Patron supports 5 artists at $1 with their credit card for all of them. Patreon charges their credit card ONCE for all pledges, incurring only ONE transaction fee. (This is written in their FAQ multiple times.)

You can’t do this with different accounts because each account is a separate transfer and will incur its own fees.

thats not…how batching is supposed to work at all. isnt this batching?

Perhpas it is but i’ve seen the word “Batch” used in many different ways on many different sites/platforms so I cannot say there is “one true definition” since technology is ever expanding and sometimes certain words are required to be used/not used depending on legal things, yada yada.

This is what Patreon does and their explanation, using the word "batch."

Patreon reduces processing fees by batching charges at the beginning of each month. For example, if a patron is paying more than one creator each month, Patreon only charges the patron once for all of the pledges. This reduces processing fees by reducing the total number of transactions, and the lower fee is split among the creators.

If you want to make the suggestion of your previous link, you may want to directly mention a staffer. @carla

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I’ve been struggling to get a reply for several months. after chewing it over with a friend, i realized it might actually have to do with the pay upfront system! if batch payments used to be on the first of every month, then upfront payments (which incur their own individual fees bc due to the single transfer) might be more expensive than previously realized. i have no idea if this is true, but its the most reasonable and least evil version of events.

It would only happen for the first pledge and if they decide to pledge at a higher amount sometime down the road. The first pledge on Pay Upfront (and paying the difference if a person chooses to support at a higher level) happens immediately, so yes they would get a separate fee/charge for each new or higher pledge they make to a Pay Upfront creator. After that, it will get batched on the first of the month like everyone else. But yes, they will have separate charges for those two instances as far as i am aware.

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This is correct. If you have pay up front, then every time someone pledges and they are immediately charged. This means that the creator pays the full processing fees for that individual pledge.

We group all the pledges (assuming a patron has pledged to multiple creators) into one monthly charge, so the transaction fees are split among all the creators in the mix - this is the definition of batch that Temrin excerpted earlier. If you have a per item creator in that mix, they may have charges some months and not others, meaning some months you are paying more per transaction than others.

This was outlined in our original post about the fees change. Even though we have decided we will NOT make this change, it might be helpful to get an overview of how our charge schedule works, mainly the chart labeled “A Sample Patron today.”

so patreon’s scrapped plan was to move AWAY from batched payments? why. that’s where i keep getting tripped up. not understanding the intent behind that move has poisoned the well for all subsequent money adjacent moves.

Patreons plan was to move to instant payment directly to the creator and to remove Patreon from the transaction equation.

There are a lot of issues with the current system that can’t really be solved with simple changes, specifically there are a lot of vulnerabilities to creators who don’t have access to charge up front, and pay per post campaigns are even worse than monthly ones.

They also wanted to solve smaller issues like double charging and get rid of the monthly money storage that Patreon does and move to an instant money into account system where if someone pledges you to, you have access to that money immediately.

That said, I think the solution to these problems shouldn’t have been simple changes. In this case batching payments is an important part of saving the people that support us money, and any chance to save the people supporting us money should be available to use as an option, at least.

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