Huge Problems with the Blog-Post-Side


since some weeks, I have massive problems when writing a new post for my blog.
Just because I can’t really choose the drop-down!
When I choose ‘sheduling’ - I can’t save the whole post anymore.
When I try to choose anything but ‘public post’ - I just can’t, the drop-down manu doesnt apear on my side in a way, I could click on it. When I put the cursor over to my ‘scroll down’-…thing (sorry - I#m German…) on the right side – the Dropbown disappears again…

Am I just a bit blind or technical stupid?

I ask here, by the way, because when I tried to contact Patreon in my beginnigs (about 10 month ago) one to two times, they never answered…


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I experienced the same thing when I was posting last night. When you hit the drop down for who can see this post, it drops down, so the options fall below the visible screen. When you try to scroll down to choose an option, the drop down retracts again. Same thing happens for Publish now/Schedule/Save as draft—clicking it drops the options down, out of view.

I’m using the latest version of Chrome, on my PC. Next time this happens, I’ll grab some screen shots.

My solution last night: resize the browser window until the page was a single column. That gave me access to the options I wanted to select.

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It’s doing this in Firefox as well. I didn’t think to resize my browser window. I just clicked the down arrow two or three times and hit enter and lucked into the right one.

I’m also having an issue with replying to patrons/followers where if I type more than the window shown it keeps popping up to the top of the window and I can’t see what I’m typing at the bottom. I can scroll down and see it, but as soon as I start typing again it pops back up to the top. Anyone having this issue too? Lots of little buggy things since the site changes it seems.

I’ve had the same problem with my last two blog posts. My workaround was to resize the screen with the cntrl- function - and I had to zoom it way down to where I could barely read it, but I could find the posting button I needed. Then once I got it posted or saved as draft, I had to zoom my screen back up to its usual magnification.

It worked, but it’s a real pain to have to do that for every post. Since other people are reporting the same issue, it seems like it’s definitely a site glitch that needs fixing.

Same problem as well, and I have NEVER been able to get tabs to work on mine at all.