I am creating a cool italian promo for patreon - patreon in Italian: when? ever?

Dear all, I would like to know if anyone has any idea of when and if there will ever be an Italian version for Patreon.
The metter interests me a lot, since English is not exactely popular among the wider Italian population and it is hard to get people so become your patron and give you money when they don’t understand what they’re signing up for…
For this reason I decide to create an explainer whiteboard animation video (yellowboard actually, that’s our thing) to help explain what patreon is and how it works, so if there are any Italian creators out there feel free to follow us and/or and get in touch, we want to make patreon an Italian thing!!! :smiley:


That is very cool!

As a thought exercise - if we could only translate one part of the site for your audience, what would you choose?

  • Your main page
  • The checkout payment flow
  • The backend tools that you interact with
  • Something else

This is of course only a theoretical question, I want to learn more and understand the most difficult part language wise today, and any thoughts you have.


Hi Tal,
sorry for taking so much time to answer you, I was waiting fir the video to be published, here is the YT version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIbmvhjhO70
About the translation I would say that the part you should translate is everything that has to do with Patrons.
Creators usually are very skilled in English or at least they are to the extent of using the platform and will study to improve their understanding of it if necessary.
It is very different or patron or potential patrons that may not know a word of English and dont’ understand how the whole donation system works and some times don’t become patrons beacuse they can’t read qwhat they are getting into by giving they PayPal or credit card number.

Let me know what you think of the video, cheers!