I am getting the time-out error over and over -- at main site

I keep getting a timeout error IDK

so IDK. I just move on and not access any of the Patron site? for a little bit but yeah. was going to get a link to my site and promote it mmmm I can get that off other profiles where I am promoting Patreon … ? I guess I will do that – hope you guess fix this soon-- I even stopped my virus protection program and tried to log in no luck :frowning: OK. i will start the virus program again — It has done that in the past with sites and certificates —

at least this site is up and working, right-??

and now it works like nothing was ever wrong mmmmm OK :slight_smile: np –

Something that may help you in the future: https://status.patreon.com/

Will tell you whats up and you can also subscribe for email notifications when stuff starts acting up so you know whats going on sent right to your inbox.


The email notifications stated they had an outage, thought they had fixed it, then realized they hadn’t. Latest update is they believe it’s fixed.


got the updates for the phone and email… :wink: thanks

just got this update

[Patreon status] Monitoring: Patreon.com intermittently unavailable

Then I guess I am confused as to why a post needed to be made about it here on the forums. Status updates show Patreon already knows about it and are working on it. They posted their initial update on the status page at 11:53 PDT today, and you posted yours more than 30 minutes later.


yeah I had not seen the status page nor did I know where it was — I just could not get onto Patreon — and was wonder what happens when that happens – besides my neubity I guess this was able to get me informed about the status page and the update feed from the status page that I signed up for… so I posted it and got the latest update and will continue to get the updates — no worries It was my neub thread here- sorry—

That page was showing that everything was alright yesterday while neither I nor my patrons had access to the page. It is not a good reffference :confused: