I need a content calendar and bulk post management

I use scheduling heavily to keep a steady flow of stuff coming out even when I don’t feel like doing anything. Unfortunately, this is painfully slow even before considering the general slowness of the post editor. I have to open multiple new post pages, scroll around each to set common values (like tags), work through the intrusive pop-ins yelling at me about needing an image as I try to change it to a scheduled post, etc.

What would help this is a way to select multiple days from a calendar and have it create posts scheduled for each of those days and provide a way to bulk edit tags, change titles, and upload images/audio.

I used to use a content calendar plugin for WordPress when I blogged more and I think it’s a good model for how this should work. https://wordpress.org/plugins/editorial-calendar/


Hey @KyeFox, thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. I hear you, a scheduling tool would be so helpful for creators to plan ahead. I’ll definitely take your suggestion back to the team! :slight_smile:


Oh yes I second this very much! A content scheduler would be perfect for my base too!

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