I spent hours creating this art, My inspiration to continue my art life

Use this category to share fun articles, stories and questions related to how to inspire yourself to create.my drawing-ANIMATION


You created three categories for the same purpose? Were you having trouble when you posted these?

this is just copy pasted from the ‘about’ section of this forum. i think they’re just spamming? unless there was a multi post glitch? but i also checked out their patreon and it’s kind of nonsense.

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I think you are looking at this the wrong way. I spend hours in the day studying astronomy and art and while I am learning and creating pathways of studying.
I am using my patreon website that I have, to store and create information to help me learn and reteach. I am not spamming a damn thing, I am not posting useless information. I am using what I am being taught by trained professionals, Creating useful ways to retain and advance my knowledge, but while I am doing that, I am putting all I am learning in a web page so that I may show people what I am learning while I am learning something. All I am doing for the viewers Is showing awesome things and showing my art, that I love doing, and creating something that will hopefully help beat the boredom of curious people who love learning new thing. I don’t appreciate this post of how Its tearing down my dreams and being shat on, on something I’m working very hard on. It helps me focus on something else instead of blowing my fucking head off from my ptsd and war time experience. I would appreciate if you didn’t shit on my work, even if it’s useless to you. You don’t have to be mean about it.

Probably, but I create a segment of multiple different images, (of the same image), created from multiple picture edits of that photo or picture that I have drawn, that have many different lighting signatures, making a sort of GIF thing. But If you notice that the picture moves, It has 50 photo edits creating one motion picture of light movements. All I hope to do is to inspire people to keep learning, growing, and reteaching to the next curious person willing to learn something new.

Also the viewer image is the same. If you click on the post it’ll bring up the actual art piece that I spent hours working on to share with the world.