I Want to Always See Deleted Pledges

I would ALWAYS like to see notifications for deleted pledges.

If someone pledges and then deletes the pledge after 5 minutes, I want to see TWO notifications. In the current most-recent first scheme on the notifications screen, I want to see:

  1. Person deleted pledge on Feb 28
  2. Person pledged on Feb 28

I DO NOT WANT PLEDGE NOTIFICATIONS TO DISAPPEAR, even if the person takes it back very quickly. I was still told (by e-mail) that they pledged, and I may have handled the pledge or been in the process of handling it, and if they delete the pledge, then I NEED TO KNOW.

Whereas, as you can probably tell, right now if they delete their pledge then it’s not only silent – no notification, no e-mails, just my records don’t match Patreon’s any more – but also, the original notification that they pledged disappears too! It’s terrible.


I don´t know why Patreon don´t provide information about that… or rather hide it by some reasson is totally out of any logical for me.
Why we can´t know who and when deleted from our Patreon site?
Also the Exit surveys label either show who patron leaves.
Why is so dificult show something like “X” deleted their pledge on “x” day.
Another negative point for Patreon, and the list continues…

Whole heartedly agreed. I don’t see why this is a hard thing to have. It’s so needed if we want to keep track of things easily.

I see deleted pledges that stay in my notifications only for those -I- remove (because bots.) But people that delete their pledge on their own, i only usually see a drop in income, no notification. And since people don’t always leave exit surveys, i’m constantly trying to keep a list of who’s pledging so i can cross reference but that is a lot of extra management time i shouldn’t have to do when this system should really have a proper list available for me since the system keeps track of this.


I totaly agree with this - seems mighty weird the way it is.


Thanks all - sharing with the payments team AND the dashboard team, so both groups know how important this is.


Any update on this?

Right now my public facing number is fluctuating wildly (going up and down) while I’m only seeing new pledges in my notifications, no deleted pledges. One top tier patron deleted their pledge, but isn’t showing in my notifications, only in the exit surveys… I would like to thank them for all their support, but I don’t know how it is :frowning: It would really help me actually manage relationships if this info was available…