I would die for Zapier Integration

I know that Patreon has a basic API, but I also don’t know squat about coding in that depth. My life would be a million times easier as a creator if there was basic Zapier integration for Patreon for:

  • When a Patron signs up
  • When a Patron changes their pledge level
  • When a Patron cancels their pledge

The possibilities would be endless. I could use Zapier to tag/untag email subscribers in Drip. I could auto-tweet or auto-email a thank you & welcome info for new pledges. I could keep better track of who in my community pledges and doesn’t (which means not marketing my Patreon campaign to people who are already signed up.) On and on and on.


Me as well.

I would kill for a way to connect Patreon to zapier for posts, so that we could post on Patreon only and automagically link those posts on facebook, twitter, our own web page, etc. Ultimately, we want our entire media presence to be centered around Patreon. I’m actually a little surprised this isn’t a thing already :slight_smile: