Ice Skating Uphill - The classic Per-Creation campaigns

I can’t help but feel that Patreon is just abandoning those of us who started here before the monthly campaigns were even an option. When I started, the only campaign you could do was a “per creation” campaign. And I did. And it flourished - I became one of Patreon’s top 100 creators.

The transition to monthly membership has left us behind.

Reading over the Merch stuff today and realizing that I can’t access it even though I’ve been with Patreon since 2013 is the final straw for me emotionally right now. I’ve watched Patreon bypass per-creation campaigns since 2017 and it sucks.

The 2017 payment changes (reversed fortunately), the latest changes to the patron manager, the special offers, the merch, getting rid of all tiers under $1 (someone supporting me at 50c per creation is paying $5 at the end of the month, but that’s no longer an option)… All of it ignores or even hurts per creation campaigns.

I’m burned out and fed up and if I choose the path of least resistance (switching to a monthly campaign), I’m looking at a MASSIVE reduction in income - like I would have to get a job again reduction in income.

When Patreon announced the unbundling of payments as a fait accompli I panicked and begged my patrons to change their payments from a small amount for each release, 10 releases per month, to a single payment for the first release of the month at the same total that they would pay for the 10 releases.

Less than 25% of my patrons made the switch.

So if I switch to a monthly campaign using this as the basis, only 25% of my patrons will increase their pledges to compensate for going from 10x per month to 1x per month. I would have to get a job to make ends meet again, which would in turn stop my ability to produce the number and quality of works that I currently release.

I’m burning out. I just want to stop feeling like I’m constantly ice-skating uphill as a per-creation campaign. I avoid reading the PatreonCommunity update forums now because it feels like every new feature either ignores per-creation campaigns, or actively undermines them.

This completely saps my will to create.

Other per-creation campaigns - do you feel this too, or is this just a personal hangup of my own?


I don’t have the challenge you are confronting…I just wanted to stop by and say that I feel the frustration you are experiencing. :gift_heart:

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Hey DysonLogos, thanks for this feedback. I followed up on your concerns here: Merch is now open to all monthly creators!


We are also per-creation, started in 2014. We’re not having the same level of issues that you are, but we are definitely feeling generally like the per-creation creators are now forgotten stepchildren. :frowning:

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Yes, 100%. I will never have a monthly campaign on Patreon, it’s completely incompatible with how I work. I need to create when I can, and a monthly campaign is a really unobtrusive way to do that. Pausing and unpausing is such an overt signal that a campaign is unstable, there’s just no way I’d use that with the frequency I need to.

Patreon has tons of data on its creators, but I can’t help but think that focusing on the most successful campaigns ignores the journey to that point. I’m not at your level of success, but Patreon revenue buys my groceries. I wouldn’t have made it to this point with a monthly campaign.

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