I'd like to be able to search my posts

An index would be great, but a search function would be perfect—the keywords are insufficient for how much I create.

Are any change in features coming to the core product?


I completely agree! I post a LOT and trying to find something even a month ago is time consuming without a search function. Tags only do so much!

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Any thoughts from the team? Any update?

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I don’t have any updates on this bur will check. As I’ve said elsewhere, with these sorts of requests, the product managers take a look. Sometimes this means that we need to do more research or dig into the issue more deeply. As always, we juggle various product improvements and new features.

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Hi all,

This is definitely on our radar - we know we need to make it easier for both patrons and creators to find existing content on your pages. Nothing is directly planned yet, but it is on my list!

In the meantime, @RyanOrrock have you seen the month-based filtering that shows up on the left just under tags? It’s not a panacea, but it might help you a bit.



PLEASE get something like this going. I post 11-12 creations per month plus any other posts interacting with my patrons.

As it stands it is nigh impossible to find anything.


Yeah… I range from like 25-60 posts a month depending on the month… being able to search would make my life so much easier holy cow. Filtering the months does help sometimes but i have to load so much to find what i need.