Idea: loyalty posts

It may have been thought of before but I was wondering, what is the possibility of offering posts that are available only to Patrons with a certain lifetime contribution?


I do something like that. I offer patrons above a certain level a coupon to my shop every six months they are a patron. It would be so helpful if we had a bit more info about each patron’s giving in order to do that.

At the easiest I could look at their monthly amount, say $5, and multiply by 6 or 12, so if their amount is $30 or $60 I know it’s time to send a coupon. But sometimes patrons change their pledges up or down, so then it’s hard to know, as I can’t see that information. We can see and sort by when they became a patron, but I find that difficult to scan easily.

Sometimes I wonder if the patrons even care about these things. I’ve only had one use a coupon. I used to send little physical gifts every six months, and several times patrons deleted their pledges shortly after receiving their gifts! I never figured out why. Coincidence?

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If you look in your relationship manager you will find a total for a patron’s lifetime contribution. I use this to track rewards that I give out for total contribution rather than for specific tiers.


Thanks for the great feedback! For now, you could do something manually by checking the total lifetime amounts in your dashboard but I’ve passed this product request to the team for discussion.