Idea: Postcard mailing for Patreons

I had an idea while doing my Patreon update today, and I’m not sure if this is already being looked at through merchandizing. I couldn’t find anything on it so I thought I’d throw it out there.

As a visual artist I love sending out postcards to my Patreons, at current I do it when they join and then for Halloween and Christmas, but as my patreon page is growing it becomes harder to keep up with the amount and I thought how amazing it would be if Patreon could connect to some printing/mailing service where we could automate sending out postcards to our patreon’s mailing addresses, maybe as special rewards. Something where you could design the postcard, upload the images and then it gets sent out.


I could find a mailing service (Stannp) that has a Zapier connection and might already work with Patreon.

Even without an official support, this should be fairly easy to do already. I just checked and could quickly find mailing services in my country which do this and providing the addresses through the Patreon CSV download would also be easy.

(Not that I would mind even simpler solutions. :wink: )

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As another visual artist who also sends out postcards, this would be great. I think someone did mention it during the past year, but not sure anything came of it.

@TypographyGuru Isn’t Zapier a paid service?

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@TypographyGuru Isn’t Zapier a paid service?

There is a free tier:


Well d’uh… I missed that… Thank you! Have now signed up.

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Love this! However with the European GDPR law on privacy this needs to be airtight

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Mailchimp also offers this service, if you’re looking for an alternative in the meantime!

Mailchimp is only available in certain countries. :confused:

I’ve been using TouchNote for a couple of months and been happy so far.