Ideas for higher tier rewards?

Hello creators!
What are some rewards you have had success with and enjoyed fulfilling at $10 tiers and up?

I would love to overhaul my tiers in the New Year, but I’m not sure what to offer for higher tiers as a visual artist.


At $15 I offer a monthly download of all of my work-in-progress photos and videos from the previous month. I usually have 30+ pics and 2-4 complementary videos explaining what I’m doing and why.


I’m an author, but I have lots of merch and swag. For my $10 I do posts about my WIP.

I’m considering a $20 tier where I do small custom works (in my case, a short story about a Patron, with them in my world). If you have an item which $20 more than covers (including international shipping), you can use this too.

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I’m a NSFW model/self-portrait photographer who shoots mainly “boudoir”/softer/artsy style lingerie and nudes (non-explicit). :slightly_smiling_face:

My $10 tier includes a folder of all of the “selfies” (mine are like mini photoshoots and I often use a tripod) and vlogs (2 to 3 most months) for the month. My selfies folder usually has 300+ photos each month with about 30 to 70 photos per “look”/session.

$15 includes the $10 goodies plus 3 photo galleries (average 15 to 25 images) that are either photographed by photographers or were more elaborate shoots I did as self portraits.

At $25 they get everything I already listed plus a hand-written and embellished Thank You Card and 7 mini prints from my selfies of that month. And that’s if they want it. Out of all the Patrons that qualify I only have 7 or 8 who want a card so far.

From there I have Archives (that also include everything at the lower levels):
$30 - current year photo gallery & selfies
$40 - current year photo gallery, selfies, and videos
$100 - lifetime photo gallery & selfies
$150 - lifetime photo gallery, selfies, and video

I’m not sure how helpful that is, but that’s my breakdown. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m a cosplayer, YouTuber, and singer, and I offer early access to YouTube videos and a quarterly cosplay tutorial at $15, and mailed photo prints at the $35 tier! I think if you’re willing to offer a physical mailed reward, those things are best at $20 or above — maybe higher if you have a lot of international Patrons.


Video creators here -

At $25 we have a quarterly pin club
At $50 we have a quarterly shirt club

At $75 we have a group google hangout call where 9 people can be on the call with us and at
$15 you can be in the chat for these calls.
(2 calls, 2 hours each, every month. $75 you get to be in the call for one and in the chat for the other)

On our gaming channel, we also have a $100 tier where you get to game with us for an hour each month. These are more private and exclusive and still include voice chat while we game, which is why it’s more than the hangouts

We also have a “you’re just being super generous” tier at $250 a month because sometimes people just want to give us a lot of money

And of course, all of these tiers have access to our other perks which I think are pretty darn great. Behind the scenes videos and posts, coupon codes for merch, discord server, and more

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